Born in the early 1980s in Santiago, INTI began his street work at just 14 years old. While his art is now highly respected in South America, the United States, and Europe, he continues to travel the world with the same energy, creating impressive murals.

INTI brings his characters to life through graphic collage, adorning them with powerful symbolic attributes drawn from Latin American imagination, paganism, and Christianity, all resonating with contemporary themes.

Influenced by both the street art scene and the Mexican muralist tradition, Inti Castro’s rich and colorful paintings immediately evoke South American culture. Known for his immense murals, Inti’s work features his trademark character: the Kusillo, a carnival clown adorned with a patchwork of colorful fabrics inspired by Bolivian culture. With precision and attention to detail, Inti Castro portrays a personal universe on both walls and canvas, rooted in Chilean culture and enriched by
diverse influences from his extensive travels around the world.

Thu. ‒ Sat. : 11:00 ‒ 19:00
Sun. ‒ Mon. : closed

24bis boulevard du Général Jean Simon
75013 Paris 75013 Paris