David de la Mano


Born in 1975 in Salamanca, Spain, and now based in Uruguay, David de la Mano is a recognized contemporary artist known for his meticulous brushwork, almost systematic use of black and white, and minimalist human silhouettes.With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca and a doctorate from the University of Valencia, he has been creating works in public spaces since 1993, seamlessly integrating into street art and becoming one of its most important figures.

His poetic characters evoke a strong emotional response. Through each piece, he aims to convey his personal and symbolic vision of the world around him. Playing with light and shadow, form, contours, and contrasts, David De La Mano creates a world of perfect balance, where humans and nature, inherently intertwined, merge and distinguish themselves in perpetual motion. He distinguishes himself by exploring new spaces, media, and materials such as open or invisible spaces, permanent and ephemeral supports, and diverse materials like urban furniture or elements of nature. The artist’s unique style speaks volumes of his virtuosity, and each of his murals worldwide confirms it. According to Mehdi Ben Cheikh, director of Galerie Itinerrance, “David De La Mano’s work is as relevant on the street as it is in the gallery and maintains its power from one place to another.”

David de la Mano has undertaken numerous projects in Spain, Norway, Italy, Taiwan, the United States, Poland, England, and more, exhibiting his works in private collections and art galleries worldwide.

His painting primarily focuses on the importance of social connections, mainly through the representation of human silhouettes evolving in groups, often facing obstacles or threats. He leverages the evocative power of silhouettes to stimulate the viewers’ imagination. His characters are both phantasmagorical and full of humor.

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