The gallery will be closed from July 15, to Sept. 4



CRYPTIK, an artist based in Los Angeles, creates artworks that explore spirituality, consciousness, and our connection with divinity. His intricate pieces reflect a deep interest invarious philosophies and ancient wisdom traditions, offering a profound perspective on life’s existential questions.

He is particularly known for his unique calligraphy style, written in the Latin alphabet, which harks back to a time when writing itself was considered sacred. Inspired by home of the world’s oldest writing systems, including Sanskrit, Devanagari, Arabic, and Hebrew, his language embodies universality, representing a singular human script. It takes us on a journey to the origins of language itself, evoking an ancient time when language was granted to humans as the originaltongue.

Thu. ‒ Sat. : 11:00 ‒ 19:00 Sun. ‒ Mon. : closed

24bis boulevard du Général Jean Simon
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