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Le périphérique

Street art takes on the periphérique


As part of a redesign of the interchange in the 13th arrondissement, Galerie Itinerrance enlisted the artist 1010, a specialist in 3D trompe l’oeil, to create an artistic feat. A temporary and unprecedented project in partnership with SEMAPA.Completed in less than a week, 4,500 m2 of asphalt were covered with 350 litres of paint, creating the illusion of a huge crater in futuristic colours opening onto the traffic of the périphérique. Measuring 120 meters in length, the fresco is the artist’s largest work to date.


1010 (ten-ten) is a contemporary artist from Poland who grew up in Germany. Now based in Hamburg, he is renowned for his enigmatic artworks and trompe-l’œil painted on walls worldwide. He plays with perspective and disrupts our reference points by creating portals that seem to penetrate walls.
Active on the international scene for over a decade, the identity of 1010 remains surrounded by mystery.






m2 of painted surface


litres of paint

“Street art is hitting the road in Paris. Literally”

– The Wall Street Journal, by Inti Landauro, published on 28/05/2015 –

The project in video

The project in photos

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