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Friday 13 October - Saturday 25 November 2023


Solo exhibition

Galerie Itinerrance is delighted to invite you to the next solo exhibition by INTI. Immerse yourself in his incredible, dreamlike universe, a unique artistic experience that will transport you beyond the boundaries of the imaginary.

This autumn will mark the long-awaited return of artist Inti to Galerie Itinerrance for his fourth solo show. It’s been five years since the highly successful ‘Blabla’ exhibition.

Over the years, Inti has developed a unique style that skilfully combines ethnic and contemporary elements. His works are filled with symbolism, South American mythology, spirituality and a profound reflection on the human condition. Often featuring characters with expressive faces and vibrant colours, INTI’s universe captivates and questions.

His art is deeply rooted in Chilean and South American culture, but transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. It tells a rich story, provokes reflection and encourages dialogue on essential issues such as identity, culture and spirituality. His work transcends boundaries to become a powerful and engaging art form that undoubtedly leaves its mark. Through this new exhibition, INTI continues to amaze audiences with works of authentic creativity and artistic expression.

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  • 24bis boulevard du Général Jean Simon
    75013 Paris


Thu. ‒ Sat. : 11:00 ‒ 19:00 Sun. ‒ Mon. : closed

Thu. ‒ Sat. : 11:00 ‒ 19:00 Sun. ‒ Mon. : closed

24bis boulevard du Général Jean Simon
75013 Paris 75013 Paris